Monday, November 06, 2006


This is a post I sent to my MobLog.

Pak Mat was my late father's friend. The Prophet Muhammad m.p.u.h had said that among the qualities of a mukmin is that he carries on the relationship with the friends of his parents after they had passed away. Pak Mat was practically imprisoned within his house. To venture further is too much of an effort for his ailing condition. We visited him on the second day of Hari Raya and he seemed very happy to see us.

I got some very touching responses that I could not resist putting it down here. I hope they don’t mind.

From GREG: I like the thought of continuing a parents relationship after they have passed. Today would have been my fathers 74th birthday ... perhaps it would be a good way to honor his memory by visiting some of his old friends.

From DREAMCATCHER: You've touched my heart...

My responses are;

To Greg: Do that Greg and the satisfaction in your heart afterwards is very rewarding.

To Dreamcatcher: No heart is too hard to fail to respond to a show of love and respect. The ailing elderlies like Pak Mat have nothing to look forward to. Showing our care and respect make a world of difference.