Monday, November 06, 2006


This is a post I sent to my MobLog.

Pak Mat was my late father's friend. The Prophet Muhammad m.p.u.h had said that among the qualities of a mukmin is that he carries on the relationship with the friends of his parents after they had passed away. Pak Mat was practically imprisoned within his house. To venture further is too much of an effort for his ailing condition. We visited him on the second day of Hari Raya and he seemed very happy to see us.

I got some very touching responses that I could not resist putting it down here. I hope they don’t mind.

From GREG: I like the thought of continuing a parents relationship after they have passed. Today would have been my fathers 74th birthday ... perhaps it would be a good way to honor his memory by visiting some of his old friends.

From DREAMCATCHER: You've touched my heart...

My responses are;

To Greg: Do that Greg and the satisfaction in your heart afterwards is very rewarding.

To Dreamcatcher: No heart is too hard to fail to respond to a show of love and respect. The ailing elderlies like Pak Mat have nothing to look forward to. Showing our care and respect make a world of difference.

Thursday, May 11, 2006


You are a 3rd World Country
(A gentle reminder to all Malaysians)

Progress is not solely about prosperity
Nor buildings that look pretty
You may have the KLCC
But some places like Kota Bharu and Penang are still dirty
So you are still a 3rd world country
because of your mentality

You try to beat the queue to board a bus or get a taxi
And don't even bother about road courtesy
Not to mention parking indiscriminately
Without signaling you overtake randomly
And abusing lanes for emergency
Rising deaths on the roads is how you celebrate festivity

You created the MSC
To emulate Silicon Valley
You talk about high technology
To preach about the PC
But yet broadband is denied to many

You also can't supply stable electricity
Your roads have potholes and are bumpy
And tyres fall off your LRT
So this is Malaysian quality

Let's create the best schools, roads and toilets in the country
Are what Malaysia Boleh should strive to be
But instead Malaysia Boleh is so funny

You break records just to make yourself feel happy
Though others laugh at your folly
Decades passed but this mentality I still see
Will this carry on till the next century?

You are helpless and just let it be
Let it be
Will tomorrow be better for you and me?
14 years from now come 2020
if this goes on you will still bejust another 3rd world country
because of your mentality.

.......excerp from somewhere with some modifications...

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


The never ending Sharir antics took an interesting turn lately when he took the opposition side on against a fellow BN MP for interfering with a government department’s function. Whether he really did that out of conscience for righteousness or for other reasons is a side issue. The interesting thing is what follows.

Because it was an opposition’s issue, the rest of BN MPs did not support him despite him being the BBC president. And Shahrir took the road his mentor, Tan Sri Musa Hitam had always taken in such situation ….sulked; hence announce retiring from the BBC presidency. He said `Integrity must begin in the parliament’. That is a multi directional killer punch that put the BN in quandary, whether intentionally delivered or not. He is asking in plain words;

“after so much talking about transparency, integrity and other lip services, what is PM going to do about it?”

“Integrity must begin with the ruling party and those behind it must embrace its spirit. So if a member has shown blatantly to have shit on these principles, other BN MPs must show support for motion to enforce its principles, immaterial if it is from the opposition”

“As an elected BBC president, I need support from those who vote for me to fight for the party’s cause. If not what am I here for?”

Face with the killer blow BN stalwarts reacted in diverse forms; each showing his mantel.

1). KUALA LUMPUR 8 Mei - Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi mengingatkan pegawai-pegawai kerajaan jangan menganggap teguran daripada wakil-wakil rakyat sebagai satu gangguan atau cubaan campur tangan dalam urusan jabatan masing-masing.

???? Asking the Customs Department to “close one eye’ because “sikit-sikit lebih biasalah..” is NOT campur tangan and normal teguran???? Is this the way MPs fight for rakyat’s cause. This is the way MPs bring the masalah rakyat to the authorities and putting government officers in quandary. Is this integrity Pak Lah? Don’t you feel that this is against your preach, sir? So Shahrir shouldn’t be opening his loud mouth when it is a member MP who is wrongly using his position to bring pressure on the government department.

Further search shows a rather interesting insight;

2) 10 May 2006. PUTRAJAYA: There’s something peculiar in the name of the company on whose behalf Jasin MP Datuk Mohd Said bin Yusof interceded with the Customs Department.He had asked them to "close one eye" on the illegal import of sawn timber by a company named "Binyu Sof Enterprise".In operation since 1990, the Malacca-based company this year alone breached the law 14 times by bringing in sawn timber exceeding the 60-square-inch cross-section area limit permitted by the Malaysian Timber Council.

- AYOYO!!! Ikhlas punya MP yang tolong sampaikan masalah syarikat tersebut kepada jabatan kerajaan. Ini macam ke `transparency, integrity ….. when actually it’s the RMs that is the prime motivation. Will he take the same step were it from another firm not remotely connected to him?

Maybe to clear the air, the word convention is used to halalised the act? Because it is opposition MP’s issue, BN MPs should outvote this one. Is this your Islam Hadhari, sir?

“KUALA LUMPUR 8 Mei: Barisan Nasional backbenchers in Parliament must stick with convention and cannot vote according to their conscience but only along party lines.Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, who is BN chairman and Umno president, said the system had worked well for Malaysia and would be maintained.The backbenchers, who had hours earlier sought to be allowed to vote autonomously on certain issues, fell into line with Abdullah’s firm instruction on the matter. But they harbour hopes of meeting the Prime Minister to discuss it further”

Again he give confusing statement;

09 May 2006KUALA LUMPUR: It is improper for a Member of Parliament to interfere in the running of a government agency, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, because MPs should be of assistance to the agencies and not a hindrance. He said elected representatives should not be seen as outsiders applying pressure on government agencies, but assisting them in the smooth running of the government administration.He said it was not proper for Jasin MP Datuk Datuk Mohd Said Yusof to have interfered with the duties of the Customs and Excise Department as reported in the newspapers recently.

Nevertheless, Abdullah said the authorities should know what is right and carry out their duties accordingly.

- So now after hearing the Wakil Rakyat putting up the rakyat’s cause government officers are supposed to know their duties and should reject the case. Why don’t the Wakil Rakyat first study the case and only bring up justifiable cases and not grossly indecent cases and pressure for them, thus putting government officers in difficult position. Is it not their duty to do so? Authorities are supposed to know what is right or wrong but not Wakil Rakyats, is that the message? Is this assistance or is this hindrance, sir?

Have pity on us government officers having to comply to so many procedures, rules, rules of conduct, Treasury Instructions, General Order, Pekeliling Perkhidmatans, Pekeliling Meningkat Kecekapan and now KPIs (key performance indicators), delivery systems, SPKs (Sistem Pengurusan Kualiti)…… so many rules to abide. And now the Wakil Rakyats are supposed to breath down our necks to ASSIST?? …My Bigfoot…..I’m seeing the pile by the lamp post…

Shahrir, kudos to you. You have caused something to ripple beneath the hard surface of the BN Lists of untouchables and created an issue they cannot possibly ignore. You sacrificed your post but the act of it have caused a tidal wave that should be good for everybody. We government officers are looking forward to doing our work the best we can without unnecessary `assistance’ from favored quarter.

Thursday, April 20, 2006


I caught sight of this very interesting observation by Hassan Talib of Gombak, Selangor. His writing strike a similiar cord with is so true. Like the similitude of crab trying to teach its youngs to walk straight.....

Leaders were talking about good examples. When they are among the perpertuators of Bahasa Rojak, what hope is there for the rest of us? I just hope that Dato' Rais Yatim is not similiarly caught with his pants down. That would be disastrous for a Warisan Minister. All this talk should be followed through by examplary action; WALK THE TALK they say............

Friday, April 07, 2006


The ikan tongkol have been synonymous with nasi dagang ever since I could remember. Other type of fish are just not right for the gulai nasi dagang especially the Nasi Dagang Terengganu which is made with glutinous rice as opposed to Nasi Dagang Kelantan which uses a special type of coloured rice. The nasi dagang is a special treat. We eat nasi dagang on occasions to rejoice, celebrate guests, get together functions or just to enjoy the food. However in recent week the ikan tongkol became a centre of controversy on the issue of consumerism. A Putrajaya resident felt that he was unfairly charged for a pack of nasi dagang with ikan tongkol head at RM45 by an elderly Mak Ngah who has been selling the renowned Chendering Nasi Dagang for ages. Being a Putrajaya Federal Territory resident, he maybe felt that the Mak Ngah needed a lesson in consumerism and went to KPDNHEP to voice his complain.

As a result Mak Ngah was fined RM1,000 not for overcharging but for not displaying price tag!!! Mak Ngah was disturbed to say the least and felt victimized since the man did not voice his complain when charged, when he could have used his consumer right and refuse to buy. But he could not resist the famed nasi dagang and asked for kepala ikan tongkol for added specialty for which he felt reluctant to pay. Mind you, the ikan tongkol used by Mak Ngah for her famous nasi dagang was the white ikan tongkol which is more exotic and hence more expensive. The white ikan tongkol head is more expensive because that is where the special lemak taste of the gulai nasi dagang originates from. The customer felt that any nasi dagang is the same and thought that he was victimized by the 70 years old Mak Ngah whose nasi dagang was the benchmark of Kuala Terengganu that see rows of Mercs, BMs and Hondas lining up to enjoy the treat, even willing to wait for quite a while to get the turn.

I am totally in agreement with Abdul Rahman there, as are many others. The best come with a price. What more Mak Ngah’s nasi dagang is never exorbitantly priced and far from the prices charged by hotels and restaurants which many just pay without complain. And the KPDNHEP just absent mindedly raid the aging Mak Ngah and charged her for not displaying price tags. Contrary to expectation, Mak Ngah’s Nasi Dagang soared in demand after the media coverage. Many voices their support and those locals who have been buying the nasi dagang for decades like Abdul Rahman just could not understand what all the fuss was about. They felt justified to pay a bit higher price for the sheer enjoyment of it.

Maybe realizing their blunder, KPDNHEP issued a deemed to be conciliatory statement asking Mak Ngah to appeal for lower fine. I wonder whether these people with the cane really understand the need to use it wisely and not simply whack people on the whim and fancies of others. They are supposed to use their better judgments and not just act because somebody complained. The issue here was the claim of over pricing by `uninformed person' (how then could he asked for special fish head and complain about price) and not price tagging. They could have fined her years ago were it for the price tag.

Whatever, I hoped the issue did not dent Mak Ngah’s spirit, else we will lose a treasure of a nasi dagang treat. I still remember years ago visiting a brother-in-law working in Kuala Terengganu with my family and in-laws. As a treat he went after subuh prayer to buy the famed nasi dagang for the family, else he will have to queue for a long time. I still vividly remember the exquisite aroma of the gulai ikan tongkol. It was never like any nasi dagang I had ever tasted. The gulai tasted so fresh and the ikan tongkol so white. The taste was so out-of this world. Everyone was thoroughly satisfied. Price was never the issue. It was reasonable. For such taste, I’m willing to pay multifold of the price. It was a treat to remember and etched in my travel memory for ever. MMMMMuuaaahhhh…. `Die also can’ said a Chinese acquaintant to describe total satisfaction.

Friday, March 24, 2006


Utusan Malaysia – 14hb Mac 2006
Adi Putra mungkin dibuang sekolah

" Bekas guru itu berkata, masalah berkenaan timbul berikutan sikap Adi Putra yang enggan ke sekolah kerana bosan terpaksa belajar ilmu asas Matematik serta mengikut sukatan mata pelajaran membaca, menulis dan mengira (3M) yang ditetapkan oleh Kementerian Pelajaran.

Adi Putra yang sudah boleh membaca surat khabar pada usia empat tahun dan mempunyai formula tersendiri untuk menguasai 3M memberitahu ibunya, selepas lebih tiga bulan bersekolah dia baru diajar angka sembilan sedangkan dia sudah mampu menyelesaikan soalan yang mencecah angka trilion.

``Mungkin ada sesetengah pihak beranggapan kami terlalu mengeksploitasi Adi Putra dengan membawanya ke sana ke mari tetapi hakikatnya dia sendiri yang sudah banyak kali beritahu yang dia sudah terlalu bosan ke sekolah,'' katanya kepada pemberita di sini hari ini.

Adi Putra yang berada di sebelah ibunya ketika disoal pemberita memberitahu, dia lebih berminat untuk belajar di Sekolah Islam Antarabangsa di Kuala Lumpur, mengikuti kursus bahasa Cina, Inggeris, Jepun, Arab dan Perancis serta belajar tahfiz al Quran berbanding belajar di dalam Tahun Satu seperti sekarang.

Adi Putra yang hanya ke sekolah antara dua hingga tiga kali seminggu berkata, dia hanya berminat ke sekolah apabila terdapat aktiviti pendidikan jasmani."

Time and time again we heard this kind of things. And it is down right sickening. We just seem to only be interested in being in the limelight and fail again and again when come to factual reality of actual implementation. When Adi’s talent was spotted he was an over night super baby; his talent AWED by professors and big league politicians. Much promises have been made; special education, special school, special ALL ……. Reality > HABUK TAK ADA and this Wonder Boy with the SKY is the limit is now being treated like common undisciplined youngsters and threatened with dismissal. Instead of harnessing this Wonder Boy’s talents for the benefit of the country he is left to rot like dead wood. WHERE GOT ROAD???

It does not take a professor in education to understand that Std 1 education is going to be a demotivation for Adi. He needs special tutelage to harness his special talent and develop his instuitive techniques into procedures that will benefit the society. What are we doing about it? NOTHING. DAMN NOTHING. ALL PROMISES AND NOTHING DONE. Meanwhile Adi is left to the wolves in the like of militaristic, autocratic, beaurocratic, dogmatic, damnatic System that DOES NOT APPRECIATE SPECIAL TALENT; JUST COMPLIANCE….

Yesterday we are shocked by the plight of the First recipient of PINGAT HANG TUAH. After all the congratulations and yo yahs were over, nothing is done to show REAL APPRECIATION…as if the Pingat could provide for his family. He even turned down an offer my the Selangor MB for a piece of land because he preferred to stay back in his home state of Terengganu. And he was awarded a blank wall for his heroism (the saving of lives from death fate in the river is just a form of heroism, turning down an offer from elsewhere to serve his home state is the continuation of that spirit – “hujan emas di negeri orang, hujan batu di negeri sendiri, baik di negeri sendiri). The blank wall denied him access to officers at the District Office for his application for land and have to go through the jungle of procedures that ensure that he wont get the land. Is that a treatment for a similar decorated Blue Cross Heroes? Talk about Delivery System!!!!!!!

We have also heard of the previous wonder boy from Kedah who could read papers at 4 and ended up a roti canai `waver’.

Leaders…WAKE UP. You are elected for a purpose. We want you to take care of our talents and polish, nourish them so that the society will benefit, NOT YOU to take political milage that earned a space in the dailies and after that leave them to the rigmarole of procedures that caters for the masses. Special talents need special care, not because of them alone but so that the society can benefit from this rare gem gifted from God AlMighty….

Monday, March 13, 2006


Today, 13th Mac 2006 I boarded a Triton bus from Kota Bharu to Ipoh Perak. It is school holiday and my family wanted to have further stay at our home town of Kota Bharu. So, I had to go alone. Furthermore I have to attend a 4 days course starting tomorrow and will not be able to spend much time with them anyway.

The bus is rather jaded for Kota Bharu outstation transportation standard that boasted coaches like E-Budaya, Sutera, Transnasional, Mahligai and many more vying with each other to attract the common pool of passengers. That translated to better and more modern coaches, more comfortable and spacious seats with supports left, right and under your feet, blankets for night travel.

As the bus judders forward the glass panel rattles and the undercarriage groans, but moves it does with quite a decent, comfortable ride. To add to the comfort Kelantan style, the in-carriage entertainment started with a Bollywood number followed by Dikir Barats to soothe the sentimental Kelantanese spirit. When Halim Yazit renders his famous Anak Tupai and Diri Ambo2, the atmosphere is complete. No non Kelantanese will be able to fully appreciate this song which sinks to the bone and never fail to wring some tears from the Kelantanese audience;

“……..ambo hormat sanjung segala kasih segala budi,
susoh hok ambo tanggung adik kakak ambil perhati,

oooo…ooo…ambo raso berbesar hati
ooo..oooo terima kasih setinggi2
masa kecik ambo biasa make nasi saje2
kalu ada sekerat ikan, pun kena bagi dua
dapur cuma ada garam jarang benar ada gula
baca bok male2 paka minum air telaga

bangun pagi2, sauk baju pakai seluar
mek ambo rebus ubi
bungkus bui buat bekal
dia pesan hari2: Lim ngajilah pandai2
kalu seksok pas tinggi ore kato buleh jadi pegawai ambo gi sekolah berungga-rungga
oo..oooo ambo nak ngaji wi pandai2

Ada satu ketika cekgu minta 10 rial,
Dia kata sekolah kita nak gi melawat sambil belajar
Uum, takdok apa doh lah cekgu ambo takleh bayar
Ore lain gi belako ambo sorang jah tinggal

Hok ambo perit sengoti kena gi sekolah alek petang
Cekgu kata wajib maghi rumah kuning ada latihan
Ambo lah banyok sekali kena hungga keliling padang
Kerana ambo tak leh nak beli seluar pendek kasut sukan
Ooooo…ooooo…malu nyo wei ambo kena pajam
Oooo..oooo ni lah baru ambo royat kat orang

Terima kasih lah cekgu2 kerana sudi ajar saya
Dari darjah satu hingga jadi manusia
Mintak halal segala ilmu hak cekgu bui selama masa
di tapak kaki guru ambo tunduk mintak redha

Ambo masuk Universiti tahun 80
Budok kampong nak gi ngaji tak tahulah dimana jatuh
Adik2 kecik lagi rasa penat kot dalam baroh
Itekad dale hati ambo nak mengaji sungguh2
Ingat malu kot orang warih warah dok pakat kata
Taksohlah dudok tebeng kalu tidak bangsa kaya
Hantar sekolah anak jantan buat ngabis ko harta
Tidak kata nak pakat ratan tolong bantu sa-amas dua
Ooooo..oooo tak dak warih nyo diri ambo
Ooo…ooooo Demo takse keleh walau sebelah mata

Mek dengan ayah masuk jadi peneroka baru
Dale bukit nak tanam getah di Kesedar Lebir Satu
Perang dengan rimau gajah make tak make takdak sapa tahu
Beginilah ore susoh nak tanggung anak ngaji ko U

Kerana keadaan begitu ayah ambil keputusan
Wahai anak2ku kita pecah lah 3 jale
Mung Halim anak no.1 dok Kuala Lumpur ngajilah sorang
Adik2 tinggal kampung dulu pakat dudoklah drumoh orang
Ooooo..ooooo Selamat tinggal selamat jale
Ooo..oooo adik hok bongsu jerit sokmo male2

Alkisahlah ambo pulok tengoh dok ngaji di U Malaya
Buku rujukan pon ambo takdok paka harap ko salin nota
Rasa malu jugok masuk majlis hak besar2
Baju ambo muroh telajak, 12 rial jah sehelai

Hari konvokesyen, hari utuk ayah bonda
Penah jerih seribu musim harap mek ayah berasa bangga
Tahniah dari saing2 ambo terima banyok sunggoh
Ambo lah ore panggil Halim
Anak kampong sesak hak buleh berjaya
Oooo..ooooo akhirnya ambo buleh sarjana
Oooo…ooooo… syukur pada Allah Maha Kuasa.

As I am writing this, tears flow uncontrollably. The story of a poor kampong boy struggling through family hardship in pursuit of knowledge and the family’s own struggles to make ends meet for this end is very close to the Kelantanese spirit. We are poor people but never poor in endurance and toils to strive for better future for our children. My late father is one such person; an illiterate who was determined that his children would never ever have to endure his hardship.

Views passed by as I watched dreamily through the bus’s glass panel; views I had seen many times before but always different each time; new houses, new shops, thinning bushes, leveled ground to make way for developments, busier road…… ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………………..


My wife had a calling yesterday. Somehow she had a strong urge to go back to our hometown and visit a nephew who was hospitalized, leaving behind our Standard One daughter and Form One son for me to manage. About 3 hours after her arrival, the nephew passed away. My late father had a similar calling 16 years ago. He had always wanted to bring the family along with him for his second hajj. That fateful year he said we just had to free ourselves for this trip; else he won’t be able to make it. A year after the hajj, he passed away. Have you not at times have this strong urge to call someone only to find out that the person had been earnestly thinking of you? Or have you not had a premonition that prevented you from traveling at a particular time and latter found out that a bad accident happened along your intended route?

What are these inner callings that seem to see into the future and guided us to act or otherwise? What prompted these callings? Where does it come from? Is someone knowledgeable out there looking after us and guiding us to the correct action? How could a yet to happen future be known? Is this one of the evidences supporting the belief of preordained future? Preordained Future pointed to the existence of the Knowledge Owner. The callings show that the Owner is also actively involved in the unfolding events and do participate; not just as an inactive bystander.

Some misguided soul said that this pointed out to the inherent divinity of human self. Man can elevate himself to divinity through rigorous polishing of the soul. When the soul is clear and shining, he will be able to tap the power of God and be part of Godhood, hence have great mystical power. What a grand wishful dream from a creature that farts, excretes, piss and smells and depend on worldly nutrition for continued existence. Animals also have premonitions and at times able to warn the owner of eminent calamity. Does that point to divinity of animals too? It is intellectually tempting to be equated to divinity, prompted by whispers from Satan and his Syaitanic followers but reality belies the temptations. Far from divinity, we are just weak creatures depending on His grace and mercy for continued existence, no matter what great ability we may be given for this temporary sojourn.

We are slaves of God and that is an honourable title, not a debasement. The honour is to realize it, accept it and wear it like a scout’s badge; ever willing to serve Him while life still clings on.

The Callings make me realize the inseparable and continuing bond between the Creator and His creations. As creations we are to all the time seek Him, be always aware of Him for He is very near; nearer than even the jugular vein said The Prophet s.a.w. He will reveal Himself to those who seek Him. Just open up our mind and heart and seek. Be prepared for His revelations may come at His time and to His design, not ours. Be always aware of our station; an ordinary lowly slave and not His peer, special emissary, privileged group or any exalted status. Knowing our station is the first step to knowing Him, so said the gurus.

“Engkau kandil kemerlap, menyuluh di malam gelap”, so said a famous poet. In the darkness of night, flickers of light showing the way in bits and flashes. That is better than nothing; a dark forgotten soul, groping blindly devoid of any sense of direction. As seekers gain more insight, total darkness subtly evolve to pitch black, showing shapes, contours and movements. The night that seemed devoid of any life springs to view, menacing and full of pitfalls, yet distant light and intermittent flashes guides to safe destination. A reader with good map and direction may also make a safe journey, blindly. Given the choice, I chose vision with guidance along the way……………

Friday, March 03, 2006


I'm humbled by recent events that demonstrate the power of Du'a. The Prophet s.a.w have said something to this effect `Nothing can change Fate except Du'a'. As a believer I believe in it, full stop. Questions crop up in my mind; what if the events have happened such as after undergoing exam? Can du'a change the result after having seated for it? I believe! How? I don't know, but I do believe because The Prophet s.a.w said so, that's all. I'm humbled when Allah s.w.t demonstrated to me the fact and the truth in the Hadith in no uncertain term. I supplicated in that realisation of His Greatness. Laa hau lawala Quwwata illa billah hil 'aliyyil 'Azim.

I nearly lost my daughter. We strive, do all things right, follow safety rules, but things can get out of hand and go awry in a blink of an eye. This just show how weak we truly are despite all the position and power and connections we may have. I'm speaking in metaphors.... When it happened, all the ability to do things could not bring back your daughter, the law could only pose questions, all communication is lost, what do you do? ……Right……..PRAY.

That was what I did. And really pray we did; me and wife and Allah s.w.t answered and I got my daughter back. The great thing is that the sequence of event does not follow the logic of time and sequencing. The events that saved her were in already motion 2 years ago. How is that possible? The last minute fervent du’a was answered in advanced!!!!!! To further dispose off any doubt I might have of this fact, she was saved in the nick of time by totally unexpected resolve and actions from far away. This is His lesson and I’m greatly humbled. I am convinced that my daughter’s Fate was written otherwise but revoked by the Du’a. Just after Du’a the sweetest phone call was received…….my daughter is saved. Laa hau lawala Quwwata illa billah hil 'aliyyil 'Azim.

Friday, February 03, 2006


Ini adalah petikan dari penulisan kawan baik saya mengenai akhbar Utusan Melayu yang telah banyak berjasa kepada umat Melayu Malaysia.

“ Utusan yang terakhir...
Inilah wajah terakhir Utusan Melayu Mingguan:-((
Dimuka depan terpanpang berita sedih yang ianya keluaran terakhir kerana tidak lagi berdaya maju untuk diteruskan pernerbitannya.Terima kasih kepada
Interviewer kerana sudi memaklumkan kepada saya.
Sebagai rakyat Malaysia berketurunan Melayu saya amat sedih menerima berita ini.Bangsa Melayu adalah kaum majoriti di Malaysia tapi gagal mengekalkan satu-satu akhbar yang bertulis jawi yang telah banyak berjasa kepada perjuangan bangsa Melayu.Hati tertanya-tanya kenapa ianya gagal tetapi akhbar bahasa Cina dan India mampu hidup dan berdaya maju???
Dua sebab yang diberi oleh pihak pengurusan ialah kekurangan pembaca dan kekeringan iklan.Kedua-duanya adalah sumber pendapatn yang diperlukan untuk membiayai penerbitan akhbar.Semangat sahaja tidak mampu membayar kos penerbitan.
Untuk mendapat ulasan yang lebih terinci, sila baca
komen Awang Selamat yang bertajuk,"Lahir zaman papa, mati zaman kaya".
Pada hemat saya yang kurang arif dalam bidang ini,saya akan tunggu dan lihat apa kata dan tindakan pemimpin Melayu dan mereka yang mampu untuk bertindak supaya akhbar Utusan Melayu dalam bentuk asal(tulisan jawi) dapat dihidupkan semula dan bisa berdiri sama tinggi dan duduk sama rendah dengan akhbar-akhbar bangsa-bangsa lain di Malaysia.”

Catatan beliau penuh kekesalan di atas nasib akhbar perintis tersebut. Walaupun begitu saya kurang bersetuju dengan perbandingan yang beliau ajukan vis-a-vis akhbar bahasa Cina dan India kerana akhbar melayu masih kekal dan maju cuma tulisan jawi dalam bentuk akhbar sahaja yang berkubur bersama edisi tersebut.

Berikut adalah komen yang saya tinggalkan di ruangan Comments……

“ Memang Utusan Melayu adalah wadah pejuang bangsa pada zamannya. Ia adalah jiwa melayu. Ia adalah pendorong dan pembuka mata Orang Melayu. Ia adalah medan juang Pahlawan bangsa yang berjuang dengan tinta hitam yang tidak kurang tajamnya daripada besi waja Klewang Tok Raja atau Pedang Katana Samurai Jepun.
Tapi masa berlalu... medan berubah wajah, tanah telah bertukar konkerit, langit sudah diterobosi, pejabat post telah dibayangi Post Office Maya yang mampu menyampaikan message kurang dari 1 saat ...... dan bukan hanya dalam keasyikan mainan kata-kata untuk merangsang perasaan, sekarang kita sudah mampu menyampaikan dalam bentuk suara, gambar, video, teks dalam adunan yang mengikut citarasa. Oleh itu wajarkan kita masih mahu mempertahankan Utusan Melayu dalam bentuk asal tulisan Jawi dengan penuh emosi walaupun ianya sudah kurang cocok dengan peredaran zaman????

Jika UM adalah terkini pada zamannya, adakah ia masih begitu sekarang? Masihkan ia dapat memainkan peranannya dalam dunia sekarang dalam bentuk asalnya? Adakah perlu ia dipertahankan dalam bentuk asal dengan kekuasaan directive dari kepimpinan Melayu sekarang sedangkan ia sudah terlalu uzur dan tidak mampu merobah lonjakan keinginan anak-anak muda yang meronta-ronta dalam dunia tanpa sempadan tanpa sebarang bimbingan dan pimpinan yang relevan dan pragmatis dari cerdik pandai kita yang masih ditakuk lama dan tidak mampu menuruti zaman apatah lagi merintis dan memimpin jalan bagi anak-anak kita di zaman ICT ini? Adakah dengan melanjutkan hayatnya yang sudah dipenghujung dan dibebani batuk kering itu dapat memberikan ia lebih kemuliaan daripada pengkebumian yang penuh adat dan hormat sebagai pahlawan bangsa? Pengunduran yang tepat pada masanya adalah paling baik daripada disungkurkan ke bumi oleh kehendak pasaran sepertimana sekarang...... Sekarang, ianya terlalu trajis….

Reader, pada pendapat saya yang kerdil ini, yang penting bukanlah mediumnya tetapi semangat yang ditatangi cinta tanpa penghujung terhadap anak bangsa kita yang kita dibiarkan sendirian dan dalam kumpulan yang terbuang bermain api ICT dan merenangi dunia tanpa sempadan dari segi capaiannya mahupun bahana kemudharatannya tanpa dibekalkan dengan pedang dan perisai yang sesuai. Kita yang kononnya sudah lama makan garam ini sanggup biarkan anak-anak muda kita mencari haluan sendiri dalam hujan dengan halilintar sabung menyabung gegak gempita meredah dunia penuh kepura-puraan ini sedangkan kita sibuk menangisi pemergian pimpinan lama yang sudah melepasi zaman mujarabnya tanpa mengambil iktibar dari semangat juang mereka untuk terus memacu jalan ke hadapan ke arah sempadan baru yang kita cita-citakan.

Selamat tinggal UM. Semoga jasa dan semangat yang engkau telah hidupkan terus menyala di dalam sanubari anak bangsa tercinta walaubagaimanapun wadah dan wacana yang ditunggangi. Tinggalmu diiringi semerbak wangian syurgawi. Kami tidak akan hilang pedoman tanpamu kerana sebenarnya engkau terus hidup di benak hati anak watan yang engkau telah bentuk dengan ketajaman tinta hitammu. Wassalaam.. “

On hind sight……

Mengapa tidak Utusan Melayu di kekalkan dalam bentuk majalah warisan dan bukan akhbar harian yang perlu sentiasa up-to-date dengan perkembangan maklumat, pemikiran dan peristiwa yang dilaporkan? Mungkin corak penyampaiannya disesuaikan sebagai sebuah majalah….. why not?

Thursday, January 19, 2006


Most people when asked about the teaching profession confess their respect for this time honoured profession. Teachers are likened to angels. They are the groomers of the Nation. They groom future leaders and instill good values in students in preparation for giving service to the Nation, or just to be good citizen. They are the conscience of the society; instilling in the students the filter to differentiate good from evil, right from wrong. Without teachers we will be trudging a sure road to disaster.

Is this picture still correct or just nostalgia from the past? Are the current crops of teachers still the in consonant to this idealistic picture we treasure so much? Or are all these utopia, something we would like it to be but in reality just myths from the past? Do teachers still honour their profession and embrace its ideals or are they just a bunch of working people out to make a living just like any other profession? This is becoming the current reality, a sad reality indeed.

My daughter came back from school today a very agitated and frustrated person. She could not accept her teacher attacking her emotionally for some misunderstanding. Being a sensitive person by nature, she could not accept such callous verbal abuse by someone so respectable as a teacher. When the teacher started blurting out vulgar words, the damage is complete.

What is happening? Are teachers now just teaching desperados, using their classrooms to release their pent-up fury for some household squabbles they failed to settle at home? What is to become to our Nation if teachers are of this type. Are they grooming their students to be the vanguard of the Nation or are they implanting time bombs in the student’s psychological make-up? What is the Ministry doing? Don’t they have psychologists and councilors? Cant they drive this simple message across? The classroom is not an emotional dustbin to dump all pent-up emotions and the students not toilet papers to soak all this s_ _ _ _. If the teachers feel justified using vulgar words to drive some message across, then something must be very wrong indeed. Or are they exhibiting repressed sexual syndrome? My other half seem to think so.

It is time to wake up and stop this march towards becoming a slum Nation where street behaviour and gutter vocabulary become norm and modesty a rare commodity. And where is this better started than in schools. We do not need to limit teaching to nuns, priests, imams or mullahs. It is enough if teachers have some sense of responsibility and aptitude to do their job conscientiously and do not bring disrespect to this auspicious profession. Amin.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Today I feel on top of the world. My friend who just went for pilgrimage called me up from Masjidil Haram. I was af first perplexed receiving a call from a voice so familiar but could not register because in my mind he's out of reach. As the voice registers I was out of balance as it sounded so near. It was a gift. If someone is to give me a present, it could never beat this one. A call from a place so sanctified is a supreme present indeed.

This was in fact a second time I received a tinker from the Masjidil Haram. Sometimes back a good friend of mine also, sent an sms. It was such a delightful present. It embodies so many things. A place like the Masjidil haram and the Masjid Nabawi of Medina is a place where we lose ourselves in devotion to the Almighty, a place where we lose ourselves from this material world and focus onto the next world. To receive an sms and a call from such sanctified places connotes so many good things, things to feel good about, feeling of being remembered and cared, feeling of bond so close and heart warming that beat any other gestures thinkable.

This is Technology Sanctified. Not so long ago to call from Mecca and abroad would cost a fortune. Now with the advent of the VOIP and satellite based technology, such a thing is now possible at reasonable price. With it well wishers could sms and call from such places and bring joy to the recipient. Though the economic factor is the carrier that make this resture possible, it is the remembrance that is most important. If technology could be made to bring this feeling of goodness to all the world, and people feel enticed to use it to such purpose, then this is indeed Sanctified Technology; technology used to add peace and harmony to the world.

Some technology however are used to spread unhappiness and misery to the world. The Hiroshima Episode is indeed a dark glory. The glory earned was through the misery of others, those helpless people who were not party to the war. The modern episode in Afghanistan and Iraq is another. High technology bombs so smart, it could hunt victims deep inside underground caves were used. So much misery spread because someone hate another so much he was prepared to fabricate lies to justify the actions. Hatred, ego trip and call for revenge so compelling someone feel justifed to put his back to views from all the world including the world's official body and carried on avenging missions to punish those he felt associated with the crime. Such misery spread by a black heart through technology.

I wish technology could choose the user. Then I'm convinced technology would only allowed itself to be used to spread good feeling and add to the well being of the world.

I WISH.................