Friday, December 24, 2010


Monday, 20th December 2010: The Star:

Twenty-seven passengers of a tour bus were killed after the vehicle hit a divider and overturned on its way down from Cameron Highlands Monday. Twenty-two died at the scene of the accident and five at the Raja Permaisuri hospital here. Another 10 injured, four of whom are men, were being treated at the hospital. Two of the men were said to be in critical condition. This is believed to be the worst road accident in the nation's history.

Discussion thread in Facebook;
Ahmad Rafdi Endut: Selagi tiada penguatkuasaan yang lebih ketat kepada pengusaha dan pemandu bas, selagi itulah kemalangan ini akan sentiasa berlaku. Just came back from KL just now driving in NPE. I drove in the middle lane with a speed of approx. 90kmh. Sud...denly, saw a headlight flashing on me and saw a tour bus behind me. Without any warning, the bus overtook me on the left lane and in a bout less than 5 minute, the bus was gone. The driver drove it like a mad man and manage to see the driver swerving from right to left lane like a mad men. That's how buses were drove in Malaysia.....masyaallah...
Razali Derahman: Safety of public buses have been discussed too many times but things like thing keep happening.. Time to talk less and act more. Each bus need to display the driver's name, bus comp, bus number, route no and JPJ Aduan number with message "Sila lapor kpd no. Ini jika pemandu memandu dgn cara bahaya" - in 3 languages.
Moslim OthmanMy personal opinion for long distance express bus, it is the drivers welfare, reasonable salary and working hours that must be looked into. Pass the cost to the passengers. Otherwise aduan is just another aduan waiting for accidents to happen

I believe the crux of the problem is that we are still far from reaching the status of a Civil Society where civilised culture is entrenched in the way of life of the population. If we are living in such a society, the drivers would understand that their driving license is in fact an acknowledgement of responsibility on the road. They would respect such acknowledgement and uphold safety as consequence of such respect. They would not jeopardised such acknowledgement by maniacal driving to achieve trip counts demanded by their tawkeys or bus operators. When drivers would not succumb to such demands, the operators would have no choice but be responsible as well, else they will be left with buses without drivers. The Law of Supply and Demand would operate here.

The journey to a Civilised Culture where responsibility is paramount and in-built into the psyche of the people as intrinsic of their culture needs more than the hands of the government or regulators.

It need Mass Movement where such feelings need to be sowed, cultivated, popularised and culturised to become National Identity. It needs support from all fronts; media, social network, blogs, talk show, radio (rather than just song after song and rubbish talks), kedai kopi talk, and social discussions apart from good regulation and appropriate law.

People need to believe and feel that being responsible is chick, up-to-date, trendy, enviable and not giving way to rebellion culture. This should be across board, across religions, across racial identity and should become a Mass Movement that transcend partisan politics.

This must be a top priority. People need to believe that this Movement is for the betterment of all and not just a tool for the Government of the Day and rally to this call as Malaysian.

Saturday, December 18, 2010


A student of Kulai Primary school name Chong San was named best student of Sejarah for his sound knowledge of local history. Despite gross assumption by many of the racialist minded spectrum of the society, Chong San was a true blue 1M at heart. His hero is PM Najib Tun Razak of whom he held in high regard. However Chong San had at first difficulty in adusting to the new environment of his school being freshly transfered from his home town of Melaka, and from the Baba heritage.

His best friend is Tan Hong Ming who has a crutch to a certain Malay girl named Umi Kazrina. Both were sore thumbs to some sector who sees befriending and socialising with the etnic malays as loosing their roots. Those group of people resort to namings to plant hatred among the chinese youths. Jibes such as Mammakutty were frequently used to sow hatred. However their hatred were only for the local etnics. Even a Singh (Punjabi) was accepted as a hero to play Phua Chu Kang. A Punjabi with 'baby' name was most vocal in jeering and mockering the local etnics and his posts past around among those groups and laugh at amidst bouts of beer and other alcoholic drinks.

Chong San was saddened at these trends that resort to poisoning of the minds among racial line. Being a Baba origin who have lived in this county since Hang Li Po's arrival at Melaka during the Melaka Sultanate and enjoyed the mixing of culture over centuries, he understood very well the expansive spirit of the local etnics, their patience sowed through Islam upbringing and easy loving culture that had welcomed the immigrants from other countries to live peacefully among themselves. The ingrate tendencies being perpetually poisoned in the minds of his racial groups makes him very worried. He remembers very well the lessons implanted by his parent to treat and mix with the locals well and never to provoke the locals too much for too long that broke their armour of goodness and pushed them to the 'amok' tendencies. Tales of such amoks were told. Under that condition they would swept anything in their path, even death. With that background, Chong San was always cordial with the society around him and when the call of 1M was made by PM Najib, he was most happy and immediately sign as fan to the PM's blog.

Chong San now has a mission. Together with Tan Hong Ming, they strived to lead a new way. They planned to start a new trend of social integration that blurs the racial lines that divides. They strove to stop this trend of hatred sentiments amongs the chinese minds through perpetual readings of Malaysiakini and other hatred mails of the day being made staple diets to poisoned minds. Chong San is very conscious of the lessons learnt through his parent and his in-depth knowledge of local history that the current trend is a recipe to disaster. He does not want the good life his family had through the ages here be jeopardised by these rabid disease spreading among younger people and in blogspears.

Well, Chong San and Tan Hong Ming... good luck. You have my full support. May you be successful in your endeavours.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010


Three Chinese brothers, Bu, Chu, and Fu, want to illegally live in America. The brothers decide to change their names to seem American. Bu changes his name to Buck. Chu changes his name to Chuck. And Fu got sent back to China.


An Italian, a Scotsman and a Chinese fellow are hired at a construction site. The foreman points out a huge pile of sand. He says to the Italian guy, "You're in charge of sweeping." To the Scotsman he says, "You're in charge of shovelling." And to the Chinese guy, "You're in charge of supplies." He then says, "Now, I have to leave for a little while. I expect you guys to make a dent in that there pile of sand."
So when the foreman returns, after being away for a couple of hours, the pile of sand is untouched. He asks the Italian, "Why didn't you sweep any of it?"
The Italian replies, "I no hava no broom. You saida to the Chinese-a fella that he a wasa in a charge of supplies, but he hasa disappeared and I no coulda finda him nowhere."

Then the foreman turns to the Scotsman and says, And you, I thought I told you to shovel this pile." The Scotsman replies, "Aye, that ye did laddie, boot ah couldnay get meself a shoovel! Ye left th' Chinese gadgie in chairge of supplies, boot ah couldnay fin' him neither."

The foreman is really angry now. He storms off toward the pile of sand to look for the Chinese guy. Just then, the Chinese guy leaps out from behind the pile of sand and yells, "SUPPLIES!!"

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


There’s always a particular smell of burning incense when one walks through the gates of a Buddhist temple. The smoke looms around in a mist-like form. The air is difficult to breathe and some of the people’s eyes burn from the ashes around. The faithful continue to add more to the already huge amount of incense of all shapes and sizes—the little flames on the top of the incense glows through the misty smoke. Before these incense lays the deities, to whom some ask for divine guidance for their cause. 
Today, a girl was burning something else in the temple. I looked down at what she was burning—some form of paper money? It appeared so. She was dropping them into the flames one by one. I had seen something like this before—somewhere in a Chinese movie, a man was dropping paper money in a makeshift grill for his brother who had died. Curiously, I approached the girl.

“May I see one of those?” I asked
“Of course,” the woman replied.
I looked at what the paper money said. “Hell money,” it read on the bottom.


I remember reading about this in the Novel; Taipan by James Clavell. The girl, his consort, was burning paper money and praying for something. The Taipan asked the girl what is she doing. She tell him that she was praying for their family's prosperity and the money was offerings to the gods. When asked whether the money is real, the girl looked incredulously at him and shushed, "Do I look stupid? Why should I burn hard earned real money?"

Then the Taipan understand what is money to chinese. Money is everything, prosperity is honour. Good business is pride. Everything revolve around money. A chinese would do anything, even cheat their gods for money.

So you half witted Malay deperados willing to do anything to woo chinese votes, please heed Sultan Sharafuddin's advice. Dont sacrifice what you have for what you will never have. Remember the the Pak Pandir Chronicles; Ayam Menang Kampung Tergadai. Dont disgrace yourself and your race just to be in good books of these mahjong players who are all too well verse in poker faced, double meaning, double handling, willy dilly maneuvres learned in thousands of years of trades with money as their gods. If you think you can best them in their own playing field, you can never be more cow dung brained than this. 

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Now the inspiration has arrived and named Inspira; the 1.8-2.0 litre Waja replacement Model dubbed the best from the Proton Stable by the salesman who was too eager to show all the virtues of the newest from Proton and most upmarket in terms of technology. Wheter inspiration or copy_ration, it is up to one's own judgement. However, I like good economy. This model of Mitsubishi has been on my 'Wish List' for quite sometimes. I love its good sizing; proportion of length, width and height. The boldly aggressive styling of the actual Lancer model is not everybody's cup of tea, that is for sure. I had dreamed of a toned down front end as my ideal car... When this dream came up in this version of a long promised Proton model (only the front was revealed), I just know that I had to have this car... So, there goes my Rm1,000 for booking fee with a smile.

Prior to the launching of 10th Nov, I read of 1,800 bookings. Mine must be one of those in the register. After the launching, the figure rose to 2,500, and I smiled yet again at my shrewd thinking. My Waja must definitely go away.. I cannot afford another cut of my salary when the Waja still has another 1 year plus to go under finance loan. Anyway I need the money upfront for the deposit before the rest coming from financing agreement. Now that the full car is officially revealed, is it any surprise that the rear end is SOLID LANCER??? No... I had already suspected that. In fact that was the pivotal factor in my decision; a full blood Lancer with LOTUS Touch at the price of a Proton!!! I suspect that latter on there will be more local contents for the next production. Maybe the power window will be replaced by the infamous Proton Power Window!!!!

On top of that the Price which before hand were published at RM95,000+ is now Rm91,999.. Another cause for a smile. When I saw the small chop at front and rear screen.. the 3 diamonds of Mitsubishi, anothe smile appeared. Next production will not have those, I was told; another reason to go for this model that certified its real stable. And at home, my wife was giving me that SMILE ..... "Nih nak kena charge penggunaan nama". My puzzle frown was soon followed by another BIG SMILE... OMG!!!! The first three letters of Inspira were that of my wife's NAME!!!!! That's a cause for another SMILE; a painful one... Now I have no claim of it as MY Car; she'll be caliming it as her's for taht use of her name on the first three letter.. :-))

Whatever, I am really looking forward to this car. Come Tuesday, I will be taking back my Waja for good to be put at 2nd hand shop. There will be about 3 weeks period of agony (so I was assured) before a huge SMILE be chiseled on my face. The Silver Metallic color is not so glaring as the red, but that is exactly why I chosed it. I dont want too many eyes focussing on it as I drive the first of a few of the model on the road latter.. I just want to keep that SMILE and hope the good feeling will be very lasting...


Sekali lagi kita mendengar berita mengerikan mengenai seorang lelaki bernama suami yang cemburu terhadap isterinya dan sanggup menggunakan Pedang Samurai untuk menyerang keluarga orang yang dianggap kekasih kepada isterinya. Satu keluarga tidak bersalah menjadi mangsa amarah seorang lelaki yang kononnya bertaraf suami

Perkara begini sering terjadi di dalam mesyarakat dan mengundang pertanyaan, "mengapakah tindakan sebegini ganas disasarkan oleh seorang manusia ke atas manusia yang lain kerana prasangka terhadap pencerobohan 'hak'nya?"

Saya merasakan bahawa tindakan begini adalah kerana kita sering disogokkan dengan ilmu bahawa isteri adalah `HAK' kepada seorang lelaki bertaraf suami. Benarkah begitu? Sudah hilangkah hak individu seorang wanita dek kerana dia telah diijabkabul dengan seorang lelaki sebagai suami? Sudah hilangkah haknya ke atas badannya dek kerana Ijab tersebut? Sudah hilangkah haknya untuk tidak disakiti dek kerana Ijab? Jika harta seorang isteri masih lagi miliknya di dalam islam selepas bersuami, apatah lagi badannya.

Seorang suami tidak harus sewenang-wenangnya menganggap bahawa isteri adalah miliknya seumpama barangan belian di supermarket, atau haiwan peliharaan seperti kucing dan ayam. Jika haiwan pun tidak boleh diperlakukan sedemikian rupa, apatah lagi seorang insan bernama isteri yang telah merelakan badanya disenggama oleh suami dan yang telah menjaga rumah tangga dan anak-anaknya demi suami.

Jika pun si isteri telah tersasar, ada jalan penyelesaiannya. Jika tidak dapat selesaikan dengan jalan baik, mahkamah adalah tempatnya dan talak adalah penyudahnya. Itu sahaja kuasa suami; TALAK. Mencederakan isteri bukan haknya. Di dalam perkara tersebut isteri adalah manusia yang dilindungi haknya mengikut undang-undang agama dan Undang-undang Negara. Tidak ada seorang pun boleh melangkaui hak-hak masing-masing, baik suami, baik ayah dan baik saudara. Seorang isteri adalah manusia berstatus warganaegara dan mempunyai haknya tersendiri. Suami bukanlah pemilik isteri. Dia hanya seorang yang telah dipertanggungjawab untuk menjaga isteri dan dibenarkan melakukan aktiviti bersama yang diharamkan tanpa ikatan ijab-kabul. Sebagai timbal balas, isteri berjanji akan setia kepada suaminya dan menjaga kehormatanya dan rumah tangganya.

Saya percaya dan yakin dengan sesungguhnya bahawa ajaran-ajaran keterlaluan mengenai "Hak Suami" di atas nama agama perlu dihentikan dan diganti dengan ajaran mengenai hak masing-masing di dalam rumah tangga dan hak masing-masing untuk merujuk kepada mahkamah jika percaya bahawa hak masing-masing sudah tidak diberikan oleh pasangan masing-masing. Sudah terlalu banyak saya mendengar tok-tok guru agama begitu ghairah mengajar wanita-wanita mengenai hak suami dan hukum derhaka tanpa timbal balas mengenai tanggung jawab suami terhadap isteri.

Perhatikanlah ajaran al Quran. Allah s.w.t tidak menyebut tentang Neraka tanpa dahulunya menyebut tentang Syurga. Ajaran mengenai dosa di timbal balas dengan ajaran mengenai pahala, balasan mereka-mereka yang menentang hukum di timbal balas dengan balasan kepada yang taat. Begitulah cara Allah s.w.t mengajar kita. Mengapakah cara ini tidak ikuti di dalam memberikan pengajaran hukum agama? Mengapa ghairah mengenai satu sudut sahaja yang menyeronokkan guru agama lelaki, tanpa mendedahkan sudut bertentangan yang kurang menyeronokkan? Allah s.w.t itu adil; adil seadil-adilnya. Setiap manusia adalah insan makhluqnya yang di dalam pentadbiranNya, dan diberikan hak masing-masing.

Di harap adalah pihak yang berani bercakap mengenai ini dan merubah keadaan. Ini adalah untuk kebaikan bersama, supaya setiap lelaki dan wanita mempunyai keyakinan bahawa hak-hak masing-masing adalah terpelihara di Negara ini dan ada mekanisma untuk menguatkuasakannya.

Saturday, March 06, 2010


Amat mengharukan; anak cantik berumur 3 tahun dengan nama yang begitu cantik; Syafiah Humairah, mati didera oleh seorang yang dianggap sebagai teman lelaki ibunya; ikatan tidak sah untuk dijadikan apa-apa ikatan perhubungan yang berasaskan tanggungjawab dan hak di sisi undang-undang. Beliau dihentak, ditendang, dipijak dan dipukul sehingga berlaku pendarahan otak dan kerosakan buah pinggang yang membawa maut.

Di dalam kes terbaru, seorang kanak-kanak India; Hareswarral, berumur 18bulan juga mati kerana patah tulang rusuk dan hancur hati ditendang dan dipijak oleh bekas pengasuh di mana ia tinggalkan oleh ibunya untuk menyelesaikan masaalah peribadi. Pada Tahun 2008, Hoo Wu Thon dijumpai mati di sebuah kondo akibat kecederaan serius akibat di dera.

Mengapa perkara begini boleh terjadi di dalam masyarakat yang mendakwa mengamalkan Budaya Timur yang murni? Dari kes-kes di atas, ia adalah penyakit tenat yang melangkaui sempadan kaum. Di mana berkuburnya NILAI KEMANUSIAAN Masyarakat kita? Di mana perginya sifat KASIH SAYANG yang menjadi tonggak nilai-nilai kemanusiaan tersebut? Mengapakah mental masyarakat kita sudah menjadi begitu rapuh sehingga kes-kes begini boleh berlaku? Apakah pemakanan mental dan rohani yang menjadi diet masyarakat kita di zaman ini?

Masyarakat perlu SEGERA ambil iktibar dari kejadian-kejadian tersebut dan menyemak diri sendiri. Segeralah semak Nilai-nilai diri masakini, nilai-nilai moral anak-anak dan masyarakat sekeliling. Kita mesti tanamkan sikap prihatin dan kasih sayang sebagai NILAI UTAMA masyarakat sebelum keadaan menjadi lebih parah dan kita hidup di dalam Masyarakat yang Tidak Peduli dan Berhati Batu walaupun saban hari diberikan ceramah dan nasihat di celah-celah kecelaruan maklumat dan hiburan dari pelbagai sumber.


Kita takut jika kita tidak berbuat apa-apa, apabila azab Allah menimpa, ia akan menimpa keseluruhan masyarakat dan Allah akan menggantikan masyarakat kita dengan masyarakat lain untuk melaksanakan tugas tersebut.

Saturday, February 13, 2010


Keputusan Mahkamah Persekutuan 09hb Feb 2010 yang memihak kepada DS Zambry di dalam pertikaian jawatan Menteri Besar Perak mengalahkan DS Nizar memberikan kelegaan kepada banyak pihak. Keputusan 5-0 tersebut sepatutnya tidak mengejutkan pihak-pihak yang berfikiran waras tetapi tidak begitu bagi Pakatan Rakyat lebih-lebih lagi mantan MB DS Nizar.

MOHAMAD Nizar menunjukkan reaksi tidak berpuas hati sebaik keluar dari Kompleks Mahkamah, Putrajaya selepas mendengar keputusan Mahkamah Persekutuan mengenai Menteri Besar Perak yang sah, semalam (Gambar Berita Harian 10.02.2010)

Jika kita tidak emosi dan berfikiran waras sudah tentu kita akan sedar bahawa Sultan Azlan Shah lebih tahu undang-undang daripada mereka yang begitu ghairah menginterpretasi undang-undang mengikut fahaman mereka sendiri. Tetapi sebagai Sultan, baginda tidak boleh membuat kenyataan-kenyataan umum mempertahankan tindakan beliau sebagai Sultan yang memerintah tanpa menjejaskan maruah beliau. Malangnya 'subject' beliau yang tinggal di dalam Negeri yang diperintah oleh beliau terus menerus membuat kekacauan demi fahaman politik sempit dan tidak menghiraukan samada tindakan-tindakan tersebut mencemarkan maruah Raja yang memerintah. Jika beliau mahu, beliau boleh saja menghalau 'subject' yang berkenaan dari pada negeri beliau tetapi beliau memilih untuk berdiam diri. Keputusan Mahkamah 09.02.10 membuktikan bahawa beliau telah melaksanakan tanggungjawab beliau sebagai Sultan yang Memerintah dengan tepat dan mengikut lunas undang-undang. Maka terngangalah mereka-mereka yang sebenarnya tertipu oleh diri mereka sendiri dengan membiarkan sentimen kepartian mempengaruhi kewarasan berfikir. Alangkah sedihnya..

DS Zambry pula terus menunjukkan kewarasan berfikir dan sikap rendah diri seorang pemimpin yang sejati... Tanpa mendabik dada atau merendahkan golongan yang telah menghina dan memaki hamun beliau selama ini, beliau tidak hilang fokus dan menyatakan dengan penuh keinsafan;

"PERTAMANYA, saya mengangkat rasa syukur kepada Allah dan kedua ingin ucap rasa terima kasih kepada rakyat Perak dan seluruh rakyat yang berdoa akan keadilan, kesejahteraan dan kemakmuran. Sebagai insan saya rasai akan kekerdilan diri dan memberi kesedaran kepada saya untuk lebih melaksanakan tugas sebaik-baiknya kepada rakyat jelata dan mengharapkan episod ini berakhir dengan sekalian rakyat jelata khususnya di Perak kembali bersama-sama, bersatu hati tanpa mengira fahaman politik dan sebagainya... ini adalah masa untuk kita bersatu dan bekerja... ini harapan dan doa saya.".. BH 10.02.2010

Sebaliknya, DS Nizar terus menunjukkan kedunguan dan kesempitan fikiran dek putar belit DAP dan PKR terus menyatakan;

" KITA sudah dengar dengan lima hakim Mahkamah Persekutuan yang memutuskan sebulat suara bahawa rayuan kami ditolak Mahkamah Persekutuan. Mahkamah juga membuat keputusan bahawa Zambry dari Umno dan Barisan Nasional (BN) adalah Menteri Besar yang sah. Saya ingin memberitahu bahawa keputusan berkenaan adalah petanda yang amat hitam dalam sejarah Malaysia kerana kita rasakan rakyat mahu melihat institusi kehakiman diberi ruang sebebasnya untuk membuat keputusan. Tetapi, keputusan berkenaan memberi gambaran bahawa institusi kehakiman belum lagi terlepas dan bebas daripada pengaruh. Ini adalah saat paling menyedihkan bagi rakyat Malaysia.. "

Adakah 5 hakim-hakim kanan yang membuat keputusan SEBULAT SUARA itu lembu belaka???? Kalau dulu DYMM Paduka Sultan Perak; bekas Ketua Hakim Negara tidak cukup bijak dalam penafsiran undang-undang, ini 5 HAKIM KANAN juga tidak arif undang-undang??? Anda tentu boleh menjangkakan apa yang akan dikatakan sekiranya keputusan memihak kepada beliau. Tiada perkataan pujian mencukupi untuk diucapkan kepada hakim-hakim tersebut. Inilah dia petanda fikiran kena control dan tak mampu berfikir secara rasional lagi. Kalaulah ini caranya dia berfikir, bolehkah dia memerintah dengan adil kepada seluruh rakyat Perak dari pelbagai bangsa, agama dan fahaman politik yang berbeza??? Inilah yang dikatakan orang-orang tua ssebagai 'Bodoh Sombong'; cerdik tidak boleh tumpang, bodoh tak boleh diajar..

Dahlah kalah dalam keputusan mahkamah, masih lagi nak teruskan agenda bodoh mereka;
"KUALA LUMPUR: Pembangkang diingatkan tidak cuba bermain politik dengan mengemukakan tuntutan dan syarat jika ikhlas berkhidmat untuk rakyat, kata Menteri Besar Perak, Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir. Sambil mempersoalkan tindakan pembangkang yang hanya akan bersedia bekerjasama dengan kerajaan Barisan Nasional (BN) jika syarat mereka dipenuhi, beliau berkata agenda utama perjuangan seorang menteri besar, Exco dan ahli politik adalah untuk menangani permasalahan rakyat. "... BH 11.02.10
Biasanya orang menang yang memberikan syarat kepada yang kalah, tapi kali ini tidak!!!!! Yang kalah masih lagi dengan sikap bodoh sombong mereka. Yang menang telah dengan murah hati mengajak yang kalah bekerjasama dan bersedia menjemput mereka dalam barisan kepimpinan negeri demi rakyat, tetapi Si Kalah terus dengan sikap pelik dan tak masuk akal mereka...
Tak apa lah DS Zambry, kami semua sudah faham dengan kerenah tali barut DAP ini. Kami juga terlalu faham tentang sikap mereka yang kononnya memperjuangkan Islam... Masih teringat dan nampak di depan mata Si Jubah terbaring di tengah jalan menghalang laluan kereta Raja Nazrin. Laungan Allaahuakbar sedang otak diputarkan oleh dakyah DAP amat mengecewakan sekali..
DS Zambry.. teruskan langkah mu yang berhemah dan teruskan sikap mu yang mesra rakyat serta penuh tawadduk memikul tanggungjawab yang diamanahkan. Biarkanlah golongan ceramah dan gologan baling batu sembunyi tangan mentor mereka. Biarkan mereka dengan angan-angan mereka.. Ayuh teruskan langkah mu... Demi agama, bangsa dan negara.

Monday, January 18, 2010


Much were said about the above and most of it were the negative kinds and we the general masses mostly just swallow it all. Most of the perception maybe, is attributable to the management of criminal offences. However The Police Dept is involved in most part of our life; from birth certificate to certificate of burial. The Police Report becomes a standard certificate to execute the process of justice, or enable certain process to take place.

I had an experience in dealing with the Police Traffic Division of Hulu Terengganu regarding an accident I had at the Tasik Kenyir Junction; the first in 27 years of drivng. I must say that I am totally impressed by the curteous, customer focus they showed regarding the matter.

The accident happened on 23.12.09 at 8.00pm when I was on the way back to Kota Bharu from Kuantan. A Myvi had suddenly made a U-turn right in front of me and trying my best to avoid, I hit the Myvi's rear bumper, causing damage to my right headlight, bumper, bonnet and side fender. Because it was late and I had another car trailing behind driven by my daughter, I decided to report the next day since I only had to report within 24hrs.

The next day I drove there with the damaged Waja. The lady officer at the Traffic Division was curteous and very helpful. She get the gist the complaint, asked me to draw the scenario. She then typed it out on the online report; precisely with all the details necessary and asked me to proofread and whether there is anything more to add before saving it. The inspector; Sarjan Alias came immediately after and without much ado straight away get on to investigation; asking me questions about the accidents and typing it out on the investigation sheet. After 10-15mins it was over and on exit from his office the Report was completed for me to take home. This is great. The whole process took just about 45 mins.

Last week, since I was on the way to Ipoh, I dropped by with a letter ready to hand deliver, aking for the result of the case, the other party report and the sketch of location plan; the std report asked by the Insurance Company. I was in for another nice surprise. I was greeted curteously by a coperal manning the Traffic Division before I even enter. I then showed him the letter. He asked me to hold one for a while as the case might already been wrapped up and I can just take it. After sometimes he informed that it was still with the IO and if I want he'll call the IO who was off duty so I dont have to take the trouble of coming back. I said, it's all right. I'm not in a hurry because the car is just being repaired. I will only need it before reclaiming my car. He said, he'll leave the letter with the IO and gave me the IO's number so I can contact directly with him. Thanking him, I proceeded with my journey.

Early next day, I received a call. It was the IO. He said the Report is ready and asked me how do I want it delivered? This is just great customer service. I thanked him profusely and said I'll have my driver come latter to collect it. If this is the standard Police Customer Service in Malaysia, I'd say show me anywhere in the world that practice a better standard of customer care. I had just recently experienced a lousy Customer Care from an International Chain Supermarket and it this service from a government agency leave me beaming with full satisfaction.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


A lot have been said about this issue and a lot of tensions have been created as a result. The issue also have pique my conscience such that I had made conclusions based not on factual information but on interpolation, ie; since The Herald is English, I had assumed it was used in English publication and have commented on numerous blogs based on this erred presumption. I have since then Googled through The Net and could now make a fairly good judgement on The Issue at hand.

We should from here seek to sieve through the facts from emotive write up. Here is some facts that I have come across;

1. The term Allah have been used for God in Indonesian Christian literatures,
2. The term have also been used by the East Malaysian Christians in their literatures,
3. The Bible was called Al Kitab as the Malay term of Christian literature (Al Kitab in Islam is The Qur’an and this name is used in certain parts of the Qur’an to mean the al Qur’an) – no issue was raised on this point.
4. The translation Allah was used by Munshi Abdullah in his interpretation of the Bible into Malay in 1852,
5. The word ‘Allah’ meaning ‘God’ and has been used by Christians in Arab-speaking countries,
6. Bahasa Malaysia Bibles and publications have been restricted for use only within the churches and have been prohibited from being available in public areas
7. The term Allah had been used by the pre-Islamic Arabs in describing their highest deity. They also pray to other deities beside Allah.

Those facts seemed to give credence to the claim by the Malay speaking Christians to use the term Allah for God in BM based on historical account and general acceptance in other regions apart from Peninsular Malaysia. The fact that it was standard term used in BM Bible named AlKitab (I’m having goose flesh here) and was not subjected to objections before (or was it objected but did not become controversial???) give less credence to its objection in periodicals.

However as a Muslim, I am very unhappy about this episode. The name ALLAH used in The Qur’an and Hadiths is NOT THE SAME as per Christian Faith. The term Allah means; Allah The One and Only God, the Eternal, Absolute, No Beginning and No End, None Like Unto Him (as per Surah al-ikhlas). Beside that Allah Has No Partners... This beliefs (Tauhid) is the Core of Islamic Faith and none can belief otherwise and still claim himself a Muslim. There is no negotiation in this. Belief in Absolute Unity of Allah is the very core of the Islamic belief.

Now when christians refer to Allah, do they refer to Allah with exactly the same attributes? What is Trinity? Is it not acceptance of Jesus p.b.u.h as deity together with Allah??? Now how can that be an equivalent term??? Naming God as Allah and bundling in Jesus p.b.u.h and the Holy Spirit together into a partnership is like raping the name of Allah or pulling the name through a sewer pool. This is totally unacceptable to Muslims.

As such we need to look at higher objective. Is it such a crucial or of immediate need that the term Allah be used within the context of Christian Beliefs as opposed to Tuhan which is the direct translation of God into Malay. Why must Christians feel the need to use the term Allah which is a very specific term for Islamic concept of The One and Only God?

There are also suggestions that the term be only prohibited if used in respect of Trinity Concept and allowable if used as general term. However this will give rise to implementation issue and long, long, unease between Muslims and Christians alike. If so then every periodical will have to be vetted by JAKIM or other Islamic Authority which is definitely unacceptable to Christians. As such a clean break is best.

I would like to congratulate the Reverend Lawrence Andrew and those with him who have decided to NOT USE the term Allah in their future Malay publication. I hope this is true. Below is an exerp reported about the decision;

"Sebagai rakyat Malaysia yang cintakan negara ini, adalah menjadi tanggungjawab kami untuk membuat keputusan itu. Walaupun sedih dengan apa yang berlaku kebelakangan ini (tindakan membakar gereja), saya berasa tindakan kami boleh membantu untuk mengurangkan ketegangan dalam negara.

"Keputusan itu juga dengan mengambil kira sebarang huru hara boleh mengakibatkan rakyat terutama di kalangan miskin menanggung beban, selain menjejaskan ekonomi negara apabila pelabur bertindak untuk tidak meneruskan urus niaga mereka di sini," katanya ketika dihubungi di sini, semalam.

This I must say is a very responsible attitude from The Church. To those who haven’t heard of the Covenant between The Prophet Muhammad and the monks of St. Catherine Monastery in Mt. Sinai please checkout this link;

The Christians were deemed partners of Muslims and their right protected until Day of Judgement under Islamic Rule.

Monday, January 11, 2010


Assalaamualaikum anakanda,

Maaflah kerana ayahanda berbahasa sedikit baku, maklumlah ayahanda ni orang lama yang lebih selesa dengan bahasa ala P.Ramlee dan bukan bahasa sms golongan muda yang singkat dan 'street-smart'.

Dalam menyampai maksud, lisan agak tumpul; tak mampu menyampai kata, tak sampai ke destinasi harapan, tak tersentuh di sasaran kalbu. Dalam hal ini ayahanda tidak dapat menyalahkan sesiapa tetapi ayahanda sendiri yang terlalu taksub dengan metodologi pondok untuk golongan lepas sejarah (post history) dan tersasar jauh untuk golongan muda mudi zaman AF. Biarpun tak sebijak Luqmanul Hakim dan tak sepetah Tuah Iskandar mahupun sehebat Halim Othman dalam memintal kata untuk sampai ke benak hati, maksud yang diinginkan tetap sama. Malah sebagai bapa, mungkin harapan ayahanda lebih tinggi lagi kecuali berbanding bicara Luqman kepada anaknya yang dijadikan contoh oleh Allah s.w.t sendiri.

Walaupun cuak bunyinya dan berkarat mesejnya, ayahanda perlu juga sebut di sini bahawa setiap bapa yang normal inginkan yang terbaik buat anak-anaknya. Yang tak mahukan maksud tersebut adalah golongan songsang yang sudah terpesong dari landasan insani yang dikurniakan Tuhan kepada semua golongan bapa. Yang berbeza cuma penyampaiannya sahaja; ada yang terlalu keras, sederhana keras, lembut, berhikmah, penyayang dan pelbagai lagi bentuk untuk mencapai maksud yang sama. Dalam hal ini ayahanda tidak terkecuali. Corak yang telah ayahanda ambil mungkin terbawa-bawa dari pendidikan ayahanda sendiri sebagai orang kampung dari Beris Tangok; anak kepada Pak Ngah Haji tersohor yang tak lekat murid-murid mengaji Quran itu dek kerasnya didikan. Apapun ayahanda rasa ayahanda lebih lembut lagi walaupun anakanda tak kan perasan kerana anakanda tidak pernah melalui zaman silam ayahanda.

Apa yang ayahanda ingin terapkan ialah nilai Agama dan disiplin. Dunia akan berkecai tanpa bukit bukau yang memegangnya, lautan dan segala-gala di dalam dunia ini akan bertaburan tanpa graviti dan manusia akan gila tanpa akal budi. Inilah pentingnya nilai agama sebagai paksi untuk kita terus terpijak di alam nyata; alam yang dijadikan Tuhan yang kita imani kewujudannya. Tanpa agama kita ibarat lembu yang dicucuk hidung; hidup untuk makan dan dimakan, tak lebih dari itu. Atau lebih hebat sedikit; macam harimau yang garang membaham mangsa kerana itulah fitrahnya dan sang harimau tidak bebas mencorak hidup yang lain dari fitrahnya.

Kita manusia beragama Islam adalah semulia-mulia makhluq kerana kita dibekalkan akal untuk berfikir sebelum bertindak dan mampu menundukkan gelojak nafsu atau pengaruh-pengaruh yang songsang yang datang. Kita juga dapat mencorakkan hidup kita mengikut Jalan yang ditunjukkan Rasul. Jika selepas dibekalkan akal dan ilmu kita masih terikut dengan pengaruh yang menyimpang dari arah Agama, kita menjadi lebih rendah dari sang harimau tersebut yang tidak bebas menentukan corak hidupnya selain dari jalan hidup tabiinya.

Apa yang telah ayahanda lakukan adalah untuk menjadikan anak-anak ayahanda anak-anak yang soleh dan solehah, yang melapangkan dada bila dilihat, menyejukkan hati bila dipandang, melegakan rasa bila ditatap; rahmat bagi insan sekeliling dan disenangi oleh semua. Wanita solehah umpama permata yang bernilai, menyerlahkan sesiapa yang memakainya, menambahkan seri kepada siapa yang mendampinginya. Tidakkah anakanda teruja untuk menjadi insan sedemikian? Wanita Solehah bukan makhluq lemah kerana dia telah berjaya menakluqi bara nafsu dan mampu menundukkan pengaruh Iblisi; perkara yang belum tentu berjaya ditawan oleh pahlawan terbilang.

Wanita solehah bukan makhluq selekeh yang berhias dengan kain buruk buat mandi di jemboran atau baju kelawar carek buat menjemur kain di hampaian mahupun senantiasa berjubah apron buat teman di dapur sahaja. Itu semua adalah kerja-kerja amah yang telah dengan rela hati dilaksanakan wanita. Ianya bukan tuntunan agama. Wanita solehah adalah srikandi penegak maruah, pranita handal pendamping sang satria, benteng dan penyeri rumah tangga malah tiada batas sempadan yang tak mampu diterobosi. Bertentangan dengannya adalah Wanita Dholalah yang ibarat daun kering dihembus angin; terbawa ke mana saja tuju hembusan. Dihembus ke laut, lemaslah ia, dihembus ke api terbakar diri, dihembus ke tandas terpalut najis. Alangkah buruk nasibnya tanpa pedoman, tanpa iman.

Iman bukanlah terletak pada pakaian menyapu lantai dan bukan juga pada dahi yang lekuk tetapi bersemadi di hati yang suci murni. Walaupun begitu pakaian adalah petunjuknya, amal ibadat adalah petandanya. Iman di hati perlu diserlahkan dengan penampilan kerana taat itu adalah buktinya. Tidak bermakna suatu taat jika objek taat itu diperlekehkan. Tidak bermakna secebis iman jika tidak disusuli taat.

Ayahanda harap kehadiran coretan ini tidak mengganggu mimpi anakanda, tidak menggusar perasaan dan tidak mengkerut dahi yang licin. Besar gunung besar lagi harapan ayahanda, luas lautan luas lagi impian ayahanda. Masa yang terlepas tidak akan kembali, laksana silam tak dapat dirungkai. Apa yang ada hanya di hadapan, apa yang di belakang sudah tidak relevan. Tak guna tangisi apa yang lepas, tak wajar diungkit apa yang silam. Peluang di hadapan terbentang untuk direbut. Jangan lemas di kolam mandi dan jangan mati di kepuk padi.

Tanah warisan keemasan.
Pusara moyang membajai.
Semangat nenda bersemadi.
Tanah gersang tidak lagi.
Yang diwarisi adalah peluang.
Tak wajar dibuang dek dangkalnya kesumat
Tak harus di sisih dek amarahnya runtunan.

Inilah amanat ayahanda. Dengarlah. Fahamilah. Hayatilah. Mut'mainnah tempat dituju. Abadi sudahnya. Wassalam.