Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Bloom In A Mist

Bloom in a mist. In a mist of obscurity and bleakness, fresh blooms bring hope and promise of a better tomorrow. In its beauty all the sufferings endured become bearable. Like the angel of hope and mercy it radiates freshness, beauty and promise of all the good things in life.

As the heart opens to its beauty, the misty day no more connote suffering and sadness but emerges as deep tender beauty, the coldness becomes a caressing coolness of fresh breeze and all the bleakness turn to promise.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So everything have shades of meaning. To find beauty in everything and see hope in every suffering is the mark of a great heart, a heart graced with beauty and a solace to everything around it. In its eye, the heaven is here, always has been and always will be. This is the heart of contentment, peace with the surrounding and peace with The Creator. Verily the Creator has said; I have not created thee in vain. Posted by Hello


the jamie said...

Where is the picture taken?

Gukita said...

This picture was taken from the balcony of Awana Genting Hotel, Genting Highlands.

Sang Kelate said...


Nice photo & nice entry .. thanks for visiting my site.


Gukita said...

Thanks SK,
Good things are for sharing. Sharing enriches while hoarding diminishes returns.

torts said...

blog hopping and found your entry. bloom in a mist reflects so much. tq.