Thursday, May 11, 2006


You are a 3rd World Country
(A gentle reminder to all Malaysians)

Progress is not solely about prosperity
Nor buildings that look pretty
You may have the KLCC
But some places like Kota Bharu and Penang are still dirty
So you are still a 3rd world country
because of your mentality

You try to beat the queue to board a bus or get a taxi
And don't even bother about road courtesy
Not to mention parking indiscriminately
Without signaling you overtake randomly
And abusing lanes for emergency
Rising deaths on the roads is how you celebrate festivity

You created the MSC
To emulate Silicon Valley
You talk about high technology
To preach about the PC
But yet broadband is denied to many

You also can't supply stable electricity
Your roads have potholes and are bumpy
And tyres fall off your LRT
So this is Malaysian quality

Let's create the best schools, roads and toilets in the country
Are what Malaysia Boleh should strive to be
But instead Malaysia Boleh is so funny

You break records just to make yourself feel happy
Though others laugh at your folly
Decades passed but this mentality I still see
Will this carry on till the next century?

You are helpless and just let it be
Let it be
Will tomorrow be better for you and me?
14 years from now come 2020
if this goes on you will still bejust another 3rd world country
because of your mentality.

.......excerp from somewhere with some modifications...

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