Saturday, December 18, 2010


A student of Kulai Primary school name Chong San was named best student of Sejarah for his sound knowledge of local history. Despite gross assumption by many of the racialist minded spectrum of the society, Chong San was a true blue 1M at heart. His hero is PM Najib Tun Razak of whom he held in high regard. However Chong San had at first difficulty in adusting to the new environment of his school being freshly transfered from his home town of Melaka, and from the Baba heritage.

His best friend is Tan Hong Ming who has a crutch to a certain Malay girl named Umi Kazrina. Both were sore thumbs to some sector who sees befriending and socialising with the etnic malays as loosing their roots. Those group of people resort to namings to plant hatred among the chinese youths. Jibes such as Mammakutty were frequently used to sow hatred. However their hatred were only for the local etnics. Even a Singh (Punjabi) was accepted as a hero to play Phua Chu Kang. A Punjabi with 'baby' name was most vocal in jeering and mockering the local etnics and his posts past around among those groups and laugh at amidst bouts of beer and other alcoholic drinks.

Chong San was saddened at these trends that resort to poisoning of the minds among racial line. Being a Baba origin who have lived in this county since Hang Li Po's arrival at Melaka during the Melaka Sultanate and enjoyed the mixing of culture over centuries, he understood very well the expansive spirit of the local etnics, their patience sowed through Islam upbringing and easy loving culture that had welcomed the immigrants from other countries to live peacefully among themselves. The ingrate tendencies being perpetually poisoned in the minds of his racial groups makes him very worried. He remembers very well the lessons implanted by his parent to treat and mix with the locals well and never to provoke the locals too much for too long that broke their armour of goodness and pushed them to the 'amok' tendencies. Tales of such amoks were told. Under that condition they would swept anything in their path, even death. With that background, Chong San was always cordial with the society around him and when the call of 1M was made by PM Najib, he was most happy and immediately sign as fan to the PM's blog.

Chong San now has a mission. Together with Tan Hong Ming, they strived to lead a new way. They planned to start a new trend of social integration that blurs the racial lines that divides. They strove to stop this trend of hatred sentiments amongs the chinese minds through perpetual readings of Malaysiakini and other hatred mails of the day being made staple diets to poisoned minds. Chong San is very conscious of the lessons learnt through his parent and his in-depth knowledge of local history that the current trend is a recipe to disaster. He does not want the good life his family had through the ages here be jeopardised by these rabid disease spreading among younger people and in blogspears.

Well, Chong San and Tan Hong Ming... good luck. You have my full support. May you be successful in your endeavours.

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