Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Today I feel on top of the world. My friend who just went for pilgrimage called me up from Masjidil Haram. I was af first perplexed receiving a call from a voice so familiar but could not register because in my mind he's out of reach. As the voice registers I was out of balance as it sounded so near. It was a gift. If someone is to give me a present, it could never beat this one. A call from a place so sanctified is a supreme present indeed.

This was in fact a second time I received a tinker from the Masjidil Haram. Sometimes back a good friend of mine also, sent an sms. It was such a delightful present. It embodies so many things. A place like the Masjidil haram and the Masjid Nabawi of Medina is a place where we lose ourselves in devotion to the Almighty, a place where we lose ourselves from this material world and focus onto the next world. To receive an sms and a call from such sanctified places connotes so many good things, things to feel good about, feeling of being remembered and cared, feeling of bond so close and heart warming that beat any other gestures thinkable.

This is Technology Sanctified. Not so long ago to call from Mecca and abroad would cost a fortune. Now with the advent of the VOIP and satellite based technology, such a thing is now possible at reasonable price. With it well wishers could sms and call from such places and bring joy to the recipient. Though the economic factor is the carrier that make this resture possible, it is the remembrance that is most important. If technology could be made to bring this feeling of goodness to all the world, and people feel enticed to use it to such purpose, then this is indeed Sanctified Technology; technology used to add peace and harmony to the world.

Some technology however are used to spread unhappiness and misery to the world. The Hiroshima Episode is indeed a dark glory. The glory earned was through the misery of others, those helpless people who were not party to the war. The modern episode in Afghanistan and Iraq is another. High technology bombs so smart, it could hunt victims deep inside underground caves were used. So much misery spread because someone hate another so much he was prepared to fabricate lies to justify the actions. Hatred, ego trip and call for revenge so compelling someone feel justifed to put his back to views from all the world including the world's official body and carried on avenging missions to punish those he felt associated with the crime. Such misery spread by a black heart through technology.

I wish technology could choose the user. Then I'm convinced technology would only allowed itself to be used to spread good feeling and add to the well being of the world.

I WISH.................


Count Byron said...

What a coincidence! I too received a call from the Haram yesterday.. and he sounded like he was talking from a room next door.. so clear was the voice.. and no time lag.
& he had the humour to laugh racausly like he's having a teh tarik at the mamak's stall

Gukita said...

We're inching, borrowing your term, towards borderless world where communication is concerned. What would be the next leap in technology?

Eileen said...

It is true that with the advent of the VOIP and SMS, one can have distant communicate with one another at a much cheaper cost and relax mind. If technology brings this feeling of goodness and joy to the entire world, then it is supposed to add peace and harmony.

But sad to say, some men wrongly use the technology for evil purposes to take revenge and causing harm to another mankind. They don’t seem to value lives which are God given.

As God had said “Do not repay anyone evil for evil. Be careful to do what is right in the eyes of everybody. If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, lives at peace with everyone. Do not take revenge, my friends, but leave room for God’s wrath, for it is written: ‘It is mine to avenge; I will repay.’ On the contrary “If your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink. In doing this, you will heap burning coals on his head. Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good”

May God gives abundant blessing to you and your family for the year 2006.

Gukita said...

May God give you and family more blessing.

What you said is very true Eileen. Our role is to spread goodness, love and happiness and not be the carrier of wrath for we know not; our target may be the innocent ones, but God is All-Knowing....

Gu-demo said...

Sebagai Khalifah Allah di muka bumi, kita sepatutnya membawa kemajuan yang serasi dengan fitrah manusia dan menghala kepada keredhaanNya dan buka mencari kemurkaanNya.... Gu-demo smsi.

Gukita said...

Hak demo ghoyak to tak dak sapa buleh tolak; memang teramat benar sekali dan kalu lah serumo manusia di muka bumi nih ada perasaan serupo demo, amaaaaannn.

Nih, hak dok dalam ghak tu nombor satu wak huru hara dunia. Sain rapat dio tuh Tuhan tunjuk doh sikit; tak kaba banyok haghi doh di sepital. Habih pandai ore dia, belah sana belah sini tapi nak wak guano Tuhan nak bagi dia rasa dale dunia dulu sikit; akhirat tak tahu nak katalah.

Nilah kita nih kena kaba sikit, jange dok ingat dunia nih hak kita; ore tua-tua dok pesan somo doh, dunia ini hanya pinjaman. Tak dengan ore tua pun satu hal jugak.. Banyak lagi nak royak tapi biar situ dulu......

Juhari said...

Also received call from abg din from mecca... well how marvelous it is having the technology to communicate.. while talking still hear the siren wailing rushing to the scene(hotel collapse).By the grace and merciful of the Almighty... they are all fine, pray for them all .

Gukita said...

Thanks Jo and relieved to hear Abg Din doing fine and got the urge to call. In so doing he's spreading the feeling of well being to those that matters. Imagine the pahala for the developper of such technology if the nawaitu was right.

Sweet Rose said...

Woah!! Does it really feel that good? So beautifully written. I wish I could do so, one day, when I go to Mecca. To spread this wonderful feeling.

Since I have this technology (mobile)in my hand, I call my mom(especially when I was in boarding school, even though the school strictly banned it) and sometimes I would misuse the credits by replying lots and lots of sms to my friends. Also, I won't forget to sms my sisters and brothers especially to wish them a happy birthday.

Thank you uncle. For stopping by. I really appreciate it.

Smiling Omer said...

pak cik ali, kenapa pak cik ali tak datang blog omer? Tak adil. Pak cik Ali gi kak eha dan AR punyer.
I write and draw myself u kno.

hehehe. pak cik ali tengah buat apa?sihat?

Gukita said...

Rose, Omer, isnt this like a family gathering? What a wonderful thing this blogging is.... it gets us in different terms, and enable us to share views and throw comments we would not do in real physical world and still maintain good humour.

Rose, you are doing fine, in the footsteps of your daddy whose is an orator and scupltor with words.

Omer, Pak Cik Ali tak sempat jengah Omer punya blog di pejabat tanpa menjejaskan kerja....maaf ye.