Thursday, September 03, 2009


Since my post on the Perak Political Scenario 08th May 2009 titled, my blog have been under attacks by mindless racists who have nothing to say but slinging obceneties and gutter stuffs. If these are the state of minds of these people who feel they are better than other complying good citizens of Malaysia, when in reality they are just mindless gargoyles living in self induced hell, cornered on all sides by flames of hatred and thorns spinned onto themselves by their own delusions.

I have left the comments posted by these bunch (I feel the word people too honorable for them) on that post as samples. I have deleted the other comments on my latter postings which are more steeped in obceneties and curses and totally devoid of any reasoning. What's the purpose of writing if you dont have anything to share, put forward and argue out? If all you need to do is cursing, just find an empty well and shout out all you want to (as per Japanese saying). Nobody's there to take offense. If the purpose is only to offend people, what the heck are they doing shitting on other people's blog; the very people they felt so angry about for having different ideas. What they should do is to open their own blog and rant, curse and shit and all the way to hell and invite their hordes in to do the same... nobody cares. They should not be shitting on others blog page.

These made me feel so sorry for them, for their self inflicted hatred, for their mindless fury that is burning them. With so little time given to us in this Life, why waste it on such rantings and hatred when the whole world is open to be live with, to enjoy to the fullest without infringing on other peoples rights and sensitivities, to be discovered and all those peoples out there who are no strangers but friend's yet to be met (borrowed from Prof Dato' Dr Sheikh Omar).

What I am more intrigued is that why they chose this blog with so little traffic ( I made no effort to bring visitors in - just writing to air out my thought ). To spare myself of those unwanted gabbage, I have changed my setting from fully opened to open only to those with Google account. I expect those with accounts are the responsible lots because they have declared themselves in their Google profile. I felt sorry for having to do this because I will be limiting it from people who just want to post something worthwhile even without an account. But something have to be done.

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