Monday, January 18, 2010


Much were said about the above and most of it were the negative kinds and we the general masses mostly just swallow it all. Most of the perception maybe, is attributable to the management of criminal offences. However The Police Dept is involved in most part of our life; from birth certificate to certificate of burial. The Police Report becomes a standard certificate to execute the process of justice, or enable certain process to take place.

I had an experience in dealing with the Police Traffic Division of Hulu Terengganu regarding an accident I had at the Tasik Kenyir Junction; the first in 27 years of drivng. I must say that I am totally impressed by the curteous, customer focus they showed regarding the matter.

The accident happened on 23.12.09 at 8.00pm when I was on the way back to Kota Bharu from Kuantan. A Myvi had suddenly made a U-turn right in front of me and trying my best to avoid, I hit the Myvi's rear bumper, causing damage to my right headlight, bumper, bonnet and side fender. Because it was late and I had another car trailing behind driven by my daughter, I decided to report the next day since I only had to report within 24hrs.

The next day I drove there with the damaged Waja. The lady officer at the Traffic Division was curteous and very helpful. She get the gist the complaint, asked me to draw the scenario. She then typed it out on the online report; precisely with all the details necessary and asked me to proofread and whether there is anything more to add before saving it. The inspector; Sarjan Alias came immediately after and without much ado straight away get on to investigation; asking me questions about the accidents and typing it out on the investigation sheet. After 10-15mins it was over and on exit from his office the Report was completed for me to take home. This is great. The whole process took just about 45 mins.

Last week, since I was on the way to Ipoh, I dropped by with a letter ready to hand deliver, aking for the result of the case, the other party report and the sketch of location plan; the std report asked by the Insurance Company. I was in for another nice surprise. I was greeted curteously by a coperal manning the Traffic Division before I even enter. I then showed him the letter. He asked me to hold one for a while as the case might already been wrapped up and I can just take it. After sometimes he informed that it was still with the IO and if I want he'll call the IO who was off duty so I dont have to take the trouble of coming back. I said, it's all right. I'm not in a hurry because the car is just being repaired. I will only need it before reclaiming my car. He said, he'll leave the letter with the IO and gave me the IO's number so I can contact directly with him. Thanking him, I proceeded with my journey.

Early next day, I received a call. It was the IO. He said the Report is ready and asked me how do I want it delivered? This is just great customer service. I thanked him profusely and said I'll have my driver come latter to collect it. If this is the standard Police Customer Service in Malaysia, I'd say show me anywhere in the world that practice a better standard of customer care. I had just recently experienced a lousy Customer Care from an International Chain Supermarket and it this service from a government agency leave me beaming with full satisfaction.

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