Friday, March 24, 2006


Utusan Malaysia – 14hb Mac 2006
Adi Putra mungkin dibuang sekolah

" Bekas guru itu berkata, masalah berkenaan timbul berikutan sikap Adi Putra yang enggan ke sekolah kerana bosan terpaksa belajar ilmu asas Matematik serta mengikut sukatan mata pelajaran membaca, menulis dan mengira (3M) yang ditetapkan oleh Kementerian Pelajaran.

Adi Putra yang sudah boleh membaca surat khabar pada usia empat tahun dan mempunyai formula tersendiri untuk menguasai 3M memberitahu ibunya, selepas lebih tiga bulan bersekolah dia baru diajar angka sembilan sedangkan dia sudah mampu menyelesaikan soalan yang mencecah angka trilion.

``Mungkin ada sesetengah pihak beranggapan kami terlalu mengeksploitasi Adi Putra dengan membawanya ke sana ke mari tetapi hakikatnya dia sendiri yang sudah banyak kali beritahu yang dia sudah terlalu bosan ke sekolah,'' katanya kepada pemberita di sini hari ini.

Adi Putra yang berada di sebelah ibunya ketika disoal pemberita memberitahu, dia lebih berminat untuk belajar di Sekolah Islam Antarabangsa di Kuala Lumpur, mengikuti kursus bahasa Cina, Inggeris, Jepun, Arab dan Perancis serta belajar tahfiz al Quran berbanding belajar di dalam Tahun Satu seperti sekarang.

Adi Putra yang hanya ke sekolah antara dua hingga tiga kali seminggu berkata, dia hanya berminat ke sekolah apabila terdapat aktiviti pendidikan jasmani."

Time and time again we heard this kind of things. And it is down right sickening. We just seem to only be interested in being in the limelight and fail again and again when come to factual reality of actual implementation. When Adi’s talent was spotted he was an over night super baby; his talent AWED by professors and big league politicians. Much promises have been made; special education, special school, special ALL ……. Reality > HABUK TAK ADA and this Wonder Boy with the SKY is the limit is now being treated like common undisciplined youngsters and threatened with dismissal. Instead of harnessing this Wonder Boy’s talents for the benefit of the country he is left to rot like dead wood. WHERE GOT ROAD???

It does not take a professor in education to understand that Std 1 education is going to be a demotivation for Adi. He needs special tutelage to harness his special talent and develop his instuitive techniques into procedures that will benefit the society. What are we doing about it? NOTHING. DAMN NOTHING. ALL PROMISES AND NOTHING DONE. Meanwhile Adi is left to the wolves in the like of militaristic, autocratic, beaurocratic, dogmatic, damnatic System that DOES NOT APPRECIATE SPECIAL TALENT; JUST COMPLIANCE….

Yesterday we are shocked by the plight of the First recipient of PINGAT HANG TUAH. After all the congratulations and yo yahs were over, nothing is done to show REAL APPRECIATION…as if the Pingat could provide for his family. He even turned down an offer my the Selangor MB for a piece of land because he preferred to stay back in his home state of Terengganu. And he was awarded a blank wall for his heroism (the saving of lives from death fate in the river is just a form of heroism, turning down an offer from elsewhere to serve his home state is the continuation of that spirit – “hujan emas di negeri orang, hujan batu di negeri sendiri, baik di negeri sendiri). The blank wall denied him access to officers at the District Office for his application for land and have to go through the jungle of procedures that ensure that he wont get the land. Is that a treatment for a similar decorated Blue Cross Heroes? Talk about Delivery System!!!!!!!

We have also heard of the previous wonder boy from Kedah who could read papers at 4 and ended up a roti canai `waver’.

Leaders…WAKE UP. You are elected for a purpose. We want you to take care of our talents and polish, nourish them so that the society will benefit, NOT YOU to take political milage that earned a space in the dailies and after that leave them to the rigmarole of procedures that caters for the masses. Special talents need special care, not because of them alone but so that the society can benefit from this rare gem gifted from God AlMighty….


demonsinme said...

Me LORD Le UNC de la AKH

What you brought up here is veru interesting and very true. It is a coincidence that I am working on an issue much in similarity with what you are writing here.

Would you grace me by helping me to do it? If me lord have interest in me lame idea, please e-mail me at

Berisman said...

I can feel the heat of your anger about what happened to Adiputra.His father had contacted me via email and In had replied to him a few days ago.I will forward to you his frustration.

Gukita said...

Akh Berisman,
U know his father and in contact with him? I really feel frustrated because this keep on happening time and again. We dream and do something a little but the moment something happen to realise that dream we still dream on, instead of grabbing it and while thanking God make full benefit of His favour.

Kita ni masih lagi di takuk lama walaupun cakap berdegar-degar dan berkibar keris panjang kononnya sebagai pembela bangsa. Akhirnya "kokok berderai-derai, ekor bergelumang tahi".

Count Byron said...

Tupai & Diri Ambo yg menyayat hati tu dah di beli... very the sedih one
Thanks Goo..

maya said...

me too so sad for this little boy.. so young,naive and bright and yet has too face all this grown up crappy craps.. what a distortion to a simple and beautiful soul.

Gukita said...

Count, jika dikir-dikir yang ada kurang mencarut dan lebih kepada pendekatan begini, ianya boleh dihayati oleh semua orang, and very close to the heart.TK.

Gukita said...

Maya, this feeling should be felt by all Malaysian who cares.... Thank You.

Zoel 9W2ZIT said...

What if Adi Putra is a son a a Dato or Tan Sri ???

Hashim Saidin said...

Adi Putra is going to study in unisel now. I hope he'll update what he'll be doing there in his website

Gukita said...

If that's the case maybe he'll be sent oversea via private sponsorship. Our education system is just not ready for deviations from norm, eventhough the phenomena is for us to reap its benefit.

Funny how my long dated write-up still carry interest. I sincerely hope our leaders can utilise a this rare gift for our nations interest, instead of just for show.

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