Monday, March 13, 2006


My wife had a calling yesterday. Somehow she had a strong urge to go back to our hometown and visit a nephew who was hospitalized, leaving behind our Standard One daughter and Form One son for me to manage. About 3 hours after her arrival, the nephew passed away. My late father had a similar calling 16 years ago. He had always wanted to bring the family along with him for his second hajj. That fateful year he said we just had to free ourselves for this trip; else he won’t be able to make it. A year after the hajj, he passed away. Have you not at times have this strong urge to call someone only to find out that the person had been earnestly thinking of you? Or have you not had a premonition that prevented you from traveling at a particular time and latter found out that a bad accident happened along your intended route?

What are these inner callings that seem to see into the future and guided us to act or otherwise? What prompted these callings? Where does it come from? Is someone knowledgeable out there looking after us and guiding us to the correct action? How could a yet to happen future be known? Is this one of the evidences supporting the belief of preordained future? Preordained Future pointed to the existence of the Knowledge Owner. The callings show that the Owner is also actively involved in the unfolding events and do participate; not just as an inactive bystander.

Some misguided soul said that this pointed out to the inherent divinity of human self. Man can elevate himself to divinity through rigorous polishing of the soul. When the soul is clear and shining, he will be able to tap the power of God and be part of Godhood, hence have great mystical power. What a grand wishful dream from a creature that farts, excretes, piss and smells and depend on worldly nutrition for continued existence. Animals also have premonitions and at times able to warn the owner of eminent calamity. Does that point to divinity of animals too? It is intellectually tempting to be equated to divinity, prompted by whispers from Satan and his Syaitanic followers but reality belies the temptations. Far from divinity, we are just weak creatures depending on His grace and mercy for continued existence, no matter what great ability we may be given for this temporary sojourn.

We are slaves of God and that is an honourable title, not a debasement. The honour is to realize it, accept it and wear it like a scout’s badge; ever willing to serve Him while life still clings on.

The Callings make me realize the inseparable and continuing bond between the Creator and His creations. As creations we are to all the time seek Him, be always aware of Him for He is very near; nearer than even the jugular vein said The Prophet s.a.w. He will reveal Himself to those who seek Him. Just open up our mind and heart and seek. Be prepared for His revelations may come at His time and to His design, not ours. Be always aware of our station; an ordinary lowly slave and not His peer, special emissary, privileged group or any exalted status. Knowing our station is the first step to knowing Him, so said the gurus.

“Engkau kandil kemerlap, menyuluh di malam gelap”, so said a famous poet. In the darkness of night, flickers of light showing the way in bits and flashes. That is better than nothing; a dark forgotten soul, groping blindly devoid of any sense of direction. As seekers gain more insight, total darkness subtly evolve to pitch black, showing shapes, contours and movements. The night that seemed devoid of any life springs to view, menacing and full of pitfalls, yet distant light and intermittent flashes guides to safe destination. A reader with good map and direction may also make a safe journey, blindly. Given the choice, I chose vision with guidance along the way……………


demonsinme said...

Me Lord le UNC de la AKH

"We are slaves of God and that is an honourable title, not a debasement. The honour is to realize it, accept it and wear it like a scout’s badge; ever willing to serve Him while life still clings on."

- this is the very basis that I coined the name "DEMONSINME" in this realm.

True that we are slaves to the ONE, but what a forgetful, arrogant slaves we are. More than not we bow to the psuedo-GOD that resides within - our "NAFSU", our lust. We blame not our selves for the mistakes that we make.

The callings, I did have one too many of those. And yes, I did have the believe like the misguided soul that you mentioned. But over the years that have past, I realise that its a sign.

A sign that the One True Master love us very much. The callings are in actually one of the many ways that He has graced us with - to learn and mend the wrongs that we do, espcially in the context of "HABLUL MIN ANNAS".

Gukita said...

Thanks Demon. You have journeyed far and He has guided you. You have an open heart and that is the main ingredient for the Callings to continue visiting and further enriching the soul. His guidance is everywhere and in every happenings around. We just need to open our heart to receive it. Whatever, the Book and Sunnah is the reference to check with. I know you have been enriched. Just be careful because in this realm, we can be diverted from the Path if ria', takbur chanced to cling to the heart. Take Care.