Friday, March 03, 2006


I'm humbled by recent events that demonstrate the power of Du'a. The Prophet s.a.w have said something to this effect `Nothing can change Fate except Du'a'. As a believer I believe in it, full stop. Questions crop up in my mind; what if the events have happened such as after undergoing exam? Can du'a change the result after having seated for it? I believe! How? I don't know, but I do believe because The Prophet s.a.w said so, that's all. I'm humbled when Allah s.w.t demonstrated to me the fact and the truth in the Hadith in no uncertain term. I supplicated in that realisation of His Greatness. Laa hau lawala Quwwata illa billah hil 'aliyyil 'Azim.

I nearly lost my daughter. We strive, do all things right, follow safety rules, but things can get out of hand and go awry in a blink of an eye. This just show how weak we truly are despite all the position and power and connections we may have. I'm speaking in metaphors.... When it happened, all the ability to do things could not bring back your daughter, the law could only pose questions, all communication is lost, what do you do? ……Right……..PRAY.

That was what I did. And really pray we did; me and wife and Allah s.w.t answered and I got my daughter back. The great thing is that the sequence of event does not follow the logic of time and sequencing. The events that saved her were in already motion 2 years ago. How is that possible? The last minute fervent du’a was answered in advanced!!!!!! To further dispose off any doubt I might have of this fact, she was saved in the nick of time by totally unexpected resolve and actions from far away. This is His lesson and I’m greatly humbled. I am convinced that my daughter’s Fate was written otherwise but revoked by the Du’a. Just after Du’a the sweetest phone call was received…….my daughter is saved. Laa hau lawala Quwwata illa billah hil 'aliyyil 'Azim.


Count Byron said...

Goo.. It is a very sad entry yet very inspiring, full of wisdom. The power of Dua. I love your children. I love them all.

Gukita said...

Count....intrincate details of the inner sanctum are not for blogposts. The lesson is all important. It just shows the limitless of His Power and Bounty. Time, space, logics are his playground. He can bend any rules He created in the first place. But why should He when we are too proud to seek His Bounty?????

demonsinme said...

From now onwards, I'll shall call you me lord le UNC dela AKH, for two reasons -

1. Your connection to me lord ABAH dela count.

2. The wisdoms that you brought in writings.

The Du'a is indeed a powerful gift from HE who rules the earth and haven.

I learnt it the hardway.

After 10 changes of the seasons, I have learnt the not to question no more of the workings of GOD.

I have learnt what we see is not always what see. There's always another layer behind it. The Du'a will and have always help us to see the other layer.

But being human, even when the sun shine so bright, we would almost certain be blinded.

Thank you le UNC dela AKH.

Gukita said...

Thanks Demon. I'm not sure I follow the logic your naming convention but I concur. Call me by whatever name you wish as long as it's good name. You are wise beyond your admittance.

Absolute Knowledge belongs to Him and he guides whoever He wills. This I found out through much reflection. Of course it is taught by ustazs but until you really ponder and it sinks, that `knowledge' is really just information. What we all have is just Perception of Knowledge. True Knowledge is His realm.

There are many regular rakan masjid that is denied this truth. They heard all the ceramahs, does all the wirids and sunats but when someone ask for help, they turn their back. This shows their hearts are still dry and Allah's guidance have not reach it. That's for now. Got to rush elsewhere.